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(Shout out to the Starbucks here at the Rio for having good wifi so I can do things on my computer. I am far more productive in settings like this then I am in my room)


A problem I’ve always had and wished was different was an easier way to keep up with what is happening in the online and live poker world. It seems like most people tend to focus on one part primarily and as a result don’t have much of an idea what is happening in the other. I think the biggest fans of poker are able to keep up with both but for people who are primarily focused on playing poker or people who have limited time to keep up with poker, it can be very challenging. I’ve had a few ideas in the past to try to fix this problem but haven’t been that motivated to make them a reality. Like most ideas I’ve had, I wish I would have done something like this sooner. I’ve always been a big fan of the poker world but as the years have gone by, I’ve not really been able to keep up with what is happening. As hobbies and interests outside of poker grow, I tend to not really be consuming what is happening in the poker world.


I think that something like this is actually really important for the poker world for a couple reasons. I know that many former poker players still enjoy poker and the world of poker but really don’t have an easy way to keep up with what is happening. I would imagine that over time, this interest begins to lessen and lessen until they are only really keeping up with what friends are doing in a small way. I would imagine this is also the case for many recreational poker players as well. My hope is that shows like mine or others like Donnie Peters PokerCentral show Primetime Poker Report can help to keep more people up to date and interested in poker. I imagine that the more people are interested/invested in what is happening in the world of poker, the more motivated they are to play poker. My hope is that me and Adrian can blend together what is going on in the Online and Live areas of the poker world and create something fun/interesting/entertaining. I’ve been finding it quite challenging to keep up with what is happening in the online world these last couple months as I’ve been more focused on my podcast and doing a bunch of traveling so I’m also hoping this will help to keep me on top of what is happening. I also think that shows like this will help to bring motivation/entertainment to the current hardcore grinders who are often online playing. (I am doing much imagining in this paragraph)


A dream (dream sounds extreme but maybe more so a very strong desire) that I have with this is to help bridge the gap in information between the live poker players and what is happening in the online poker world. Many of the Americans that I talk to really don’t have any idea who anyone is online, who is winning/losing, the current topics, etc etc. I’m pretty positive that if there was content that provided this information in an entertaining way that they would enjoy knowing what is happening.  I guess I try to think about what I’ve been desiring as I’ve been playing live poker cash and tournaments over the past couple weeks and now I am going to figure out ways to create fun things that people can enjoy while playing.


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