I am going to be posting an in-depth breakdown every day for the entirety of my prop bet.

My GTO Day (1)

I put together a template to follow each day to achieve the ten challenges I must complete for each day.

It is about 8 pm at the time I am writing this.


Wake up||| 8am
Stretch + Water + Brekky +Tidy up 20-30mins
5x50 plan of setting out the day 20
Morning face/body treatment if not yet
||||||||| 50 Min block (no phone in bed, no relying in bed, don’t be tempted)

I woke up at 7am today. I did really well with this one today. Stretched + hydrated within minutes of getting out of bed. Did a bit of cleaning around my place but it is def not as GTO as it can be right now. I built a prototype of an airplane seat to try to mimic the feeling I get when I am on an airplane in my living room. Face/Body/Skin treatment went well. I also did an okay job with laying out my 3 big projects + 5 ways to execute them + people I should talk to that day + things I Have to do. I haven’t done a good job revisiting this today and will need to do a better job tomorrow.

Might be time to read Be Obsessed or Be Average

Read the last two chapters of the book, and now I will go back and reread different chapters and continue to note take them over time. I’m not sure I did the best job of being totally in the zone while reading through this. I was pretty fixated on getting the day going that I don’t think I really took away a ton of things moving forward. Will have to do a better job of being present during reading and taking away one or two things throughout the day.

Coordinate with Jonah

Talked with Jonah for about 20-30 minutes. Had him create the image at the top of this page for my daily/monthly challenges. Also had him work on a clip to post on social media over the next couple of days. I need to figure out a better system for interacting with him throughout the day. I’m not sure if random periods of time while I am engaged in doing something else is going to be best.

Morning GTO Club Video || Post all platforms || remember the purpose of the Gto club videos

I recorded a club video on my camera and then uploaded the file to computer/YT. The file ends up being pretty large when I do it that way but the quality of the video is super good. I’m not sure if I will continue to do it that way in the future. I think the video did a decent job of laying out the challenge but I didn’t think it was executed the best. I was still pretty hyped up with everything I am starting and undertaking that I couldn’t get a focused messaged out there. Need to be more aware of this and possibly outline something prior to recording moving ahead.

GTO Club Forum/message interactions

Had a 30-minute conversation with one of the members in the group. He still hasn’t posted what I asked him to do and it sorta tilts me super hard in a bunch of different directions. Not all negative emotion tilt but still it’s a bit dumbfounding to me.

11 am – YouTube video PLP Clip

Posted a clip from the Bill Perkins podcast on YT/FB/Twitter. Was super easy to do and something I am going to enjoy moving forward doing. I think that this is going to be a good way for people to get some exposure to my podcast that have never clicked on it!!!!

12pm – GTO workout + protein shake + get food needed 60-75 mins

Crushed the workout today. Probably a 9.5/10 in terms of effort and intensity. Had protein shake straight away after and went over to Panera for lunch and for the GTO Club Meeting.

1PM- GTO Club Meeting

We didn’t have a strong turnout for today’s meeting but I enjoyed the conversation that we had. I tried to do this meeting on location and I think it went okay. Not quite the same as being in my office but I want to get out of my comfort zone more often throughout the day and break up the grind. I really enjoy the meetings and getting to bring the members together.

Overall I think the day was probably 9/10 in terms of strength. It def broke down in quality after. 

I think I ended up spending a bit to much time engaging on social media/YT/FB/Twitter. I posted a GTO related social media post earlier that did really well. 

2:45 – GTO thoughts video 30 mins/upload + ITunes (could be live and have outline prepped in the morning)

Recorded the first episode of my GTO Thoughts podcast. I laid out the basics for my challenge and talked a bit more about why I was doing it before my camera died near the end. I don’t think the podcast will be popular in terms of raw views but I think that the people that can relate to it, who do watch it, will enjoy this series. I think I am one of the only people who isn’t fucking obsessed overviews when it comes to things like this. I am going to really really really enjoy this series and hopefully, people out there will connect with it.

4pm- GTO conversation with someone inspiring

I chatted with my friend Dylan aka Mr. GTO for about an hour. I always enjoy talking to him. It is a good chance to discuss what I am doing and also get to hear about all the crazy shit he is getting himself into. I think Dylan is a guy that can do just about anything in the world that he wants to but has to find something that he really wants to be spending time doing. I have to send him over the GTO Club gamification idea to have him help me out with it. I would like to spend more time talking with him in the future and finding time for more conversation with him.

5:15 – GTO Dinner + Forums + Conversations + Accountability check up 30-40 mins

Ended up eating dinner and engaging a bit on the forums + reading The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. It is a book that one of the members in the group put me on that I’ve been really enjoying so far.

6pm- Chat with Doug

Me and Doug discussed Table Talk moving forward.

6:30pm- Forum checkup/GTO conversations/friend/new 0-60mins

Kinda got out of order in terms of my structure I laid out. I engaged in different forum members threads and have a lot of questions for the people that I read updates from 😀

730pm- Digital Marketing Course

One of the main things I want to do is to stay working hard on the different courses I have purchased. I spent about 30 mins working on my digital marketing course and took away some very important ideas related to content and headlines.

8:00pm- Started Writing This

And here we are 😀 I enjoy the reflection aspect of doing this. I also tweeted out something PLO-related. It def wasn’t my strongest tweet and it was pertaining to the Fuck You 3bet. I would need to expand on it much much more to really make it something worthwhile. Will need to hit the lab for what exactly I should do related to this.

I have 4 hours left tonight. My energy is super low right now. I am about 13 hours in so it is probably to be expected. The items I have done at the end of the day might need to consist of super low energy items or more of a detox period in general. I don’t really have much brainpower left right now to create anything magical. There is one piece of content I want to put out for the club but it might have to wait until tomorrow.

One Thing I Learned Today or Did Amazing

I learned today how nonGTO I have been in the past by not putting out the best of the podcast clips. I also learned some intersting stuff pertaining to titles and content. I am applying about none of it for this particular article and I might need to rethink it in the morning time.

Rest of the schedule

6:50 – Make people more money 30 mins

7:20 – snack + book writing (Starbucks??) 60-90

9:00 – Brainstorm + GTO club content work or Conversation with someone outside Club 50 mins

9:50 – Fight the urge to sleep !! GTO Phase 2 work 50 mins

Potentially merge these 3

10:40 – What I learned that day/did amazing at 10-15 mins

10:55 – Face/Skin/Teeth

11:05 – Daily detox + brainstorm + meditate + recap day + next day plan + send Jonah

Midnight- sleep 💤💤💤💤💤