Yesterday/Today/6am right now, it all is blending together at this point of the morning/night. 


I decided when I woke up it would be a good idea to get some PLO MTT (YES TOURNAMENTS!!) practice in and i loaded up the $200 on Americas Card Room. I was really intrigued by PLO tournaments after playing some last year and with the WSOP coming up, I want to get a bunch of practice in them and get a bit better at playing different stack sizes/situations. PLO MTTs are still PLO but basically an entire different universe compared to PLO cash. Many of the things that make PLO cash so wonderful don’t really apply to the torturous game that is PLO MTTs. I still find myself incredibly interested in them and that probably stems from it involving my favorite game (PLO) and me not knowing how to play at a high level in a bunch of spots.


I started to go deep in the $200 event and then decided it would be smart to also enter the $540 Million Dollar NL event they have. Which then lead to me opening up some 15/30 NL and PLO cash games, which then lead to me entering some more PLO tournaments which has lead me to this point in time 15 hours later, typing this up after spending all of my time playing poker. I hate it.. but I also love it.


I ended up final tabling 2 of the 5 PLO events I played and ended up cashing in the $200 event. I recorded the second final table run I went on in the $55 6 max event. I recorded a video while also streaming on Twitch of the final 13 down and it contains actual PLO strategy for the first time in maybe ever. I won’t spoil the result for those who haven’t seen it on Twitter or Facebook. In a perfect world, this would have been a much shorter video, and there is probably a smart way to put this into something short/sweet but I really got excited talking strategy in a bunch of situations.


Right after I made this video, I decided to play some 5/10 PLO cash on stream and that lead to some of the most fun 3 hours of PLO I’ve played on stream. Many fun players were spotted, many fun plays were made and we ended up winning a couple thousand at the end of it. I might put a highlight video together of that also because it was some LOL shit taking place. Shout out to the viewer who ran it up from 250 to 3500 and then got the ChicagoJoey shuffle put on him with 6628 🙂 🙂