This challenge to upload one video and one written for 7 days is hard but also it is making me actually try some of these ideas I have floating in my mind.


I took 6 questions, put some music to each and VOILLA!! Here we go!


I Love you Guys/Girls (PC) and Yes, I Read Your Comments: The PROLOGUE**



0:35 I answer What do I mean by RAGING?? 1:50 Is the Mexican straight racist??  3:15 Why do I call everyone poppy??  3:57 Long suggestion from Galaxy Cop to make my podcasts more GTO!! 7:17 Light Twins suggestion for more content!! 12:03 Why am I so weird and working on better interview management?? 14:10  Bonus: Japanese porn discussion!! 




Here are some random other delirious thoughts I’ve had on my mind 


I keep telling myself I will only go to the gym to play basketball for one hour and then I end up playing for 3-4 hours. I am burning way 2 many calories at this point and the muscle is melting off of my body 🙁 MUST STOP PLAYING SO MUCH BASKETBALL! FFS


Japanese porn is so fucking odd. Why is it censored? Why do they cry?? Why are people always groping at them?? Why do they never enjoy it??? Why do they stick them with such weird objects??? Why are the dudes so old?? Why so many schoolgirls??  WTF! So many questions!! I’m not saying I don’t like it but I am wondering why the fuck it happens.


I am really excited to listen to Drakes new album.


I love women way more than I love men.


Eating so many meals a day is so hard when you combine it with Adderall. But HOW BAD DO I FUCKING WANT IT??? That is the question?? How bad do I really want whatever it is this idea of a diet gets me??? I must not want it bad enough if it is so hard to eat.


—Apex Papi #**