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I had Bill Perkins back on my Poker Life podcast yesterday and once again it was a really great episode. Bill has been one of the most popular guests I’ve had on and I feel like I’ve personally taken away so much wisdom from him. Here are some of my biggest takeaways from this episode.


  • Maximum Amount of risk and add a little bit more
  • Treat each day as if you are going to die tomorrow
  • The 4 agreements


I asked him, what do you do when you have so many options and aren’t sure what to do first?

  • Don’t beat yourself up.
  • Come from a place of appreciation.
  • Constantly thinking about how I am going to manage this situation.



  1. You never get to perfection, it’s just a pursuit.
  2. Don’t work in the pizza parlor, work ON the pizza parlor. Learn how to outsource and delegate.
  3. It doesn’t matter what field it is, there is a multi-millionaire.
  4. Kids spell love T-I-M-E
  5. Think about what really excites you and what you really hate to help you find your passion.
  6. Dial down relationships to help get focus in your life.
  7. If you 100% focus on something your yield will be better (LDO.)
  8. Fear of the end is driving Bill to over commit.
  9. Bill doesn’t think he has accomplished the great deed that will go on his tombstone. He thinks he can do better than he has so far.
  10. All these crushers see no mountain too high. Nothing is impossible to reach.
  11. Bill experienced a reverse intervention at Burning Man.
  12. If you don’t want to date strippers, don’t go to the strip club.
  13. You need to fix your mindset before you can fix your poker game.
  14. Don’t beat yourself up or shame yourself.
  15. Be thankful for your obstacles that you get to over come.
  16. Rejection is very powerful and you shouldn’t take it personal 😀
  17. Don’t just read about something, apply it to your life to get better at it.
  18. Be receptive to knowledge and be humble. Don’t think that you know everything.
  19. Seek out things that deal with your own emotional state and intelligence, forgiveness and self shaming would be his initial source of knowledge before going into trying to become the best you can be in other areas.



What do you recommend for a young person to do with their life/career??


TAKE THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF RISK YOU CAN STAND….. and add a little bit more 😀
In relationships, in business, in your career choices!

For Example:
You not telling someone how you feel about them because you are scared and don’t want to be vulnerable.



Treat your life as if you are going to die the next day! Treat your life like it depends on it because it does, it is YOUR LIFE!

Do your best and get the maximum value.

On the book “The Four Agreements”
Each time you read an agreement, you will be able to apply it to your life in a different way





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3:59 recent past : THE YACHT
5:02 twitch – Thirst Lounge venture
16:45 weekly / monthly schedule
40:20 find your passion
44:27 Trump (P hashtag)
54:01 asking from Sam A. perspective
57:20 relationships
1:01:33 future high impact projects
1:10:53 PCA twitch FREEroll (10packages)
1:18:42 burning man experience
1:33:52 monogamous relationship (current)
2:00:46 ending relationship(s)
2:05:15 spend like a billionaire
2:05:55 burn calculator

3:16 experience – timing
6:31 loving what you do
10:53 prioritise your focus
18:32 organise – structure the life / company
22:33 positive (work) approach
32:55 money – time scarifies (family – kid example)
42:47 anything can happen
54:45 forgiveness (past)
1:50:41 take the maximum risk (usual life advice)
2:16:18 open your mind to different sources

1:21:04 LSD zombies
2:09:16 family appearance

2:10:22 fav restaurant
2:10:39 movie projectst
2:10:58 odds to become a billionaire
2:11:18 next thirst lounge stream
2:12:07 mindset clicks
2:13:22 source of the wisdom

2:02:40 The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz