I, like most people in the poker world, didn’t know much about Bill Perkins prior to him appearing twice on my Poker Life podcast. Most people saw a guy who didn’t like to fold hands, made crazy prop bets and enjoyed talking at the poker table. 

I had no idea what to expect when he first came on my podcast. I thought that we would talk a bunch about poker, a bit about his world travels and a bit about what he did for a living. What ended up happening was one of the all time best podcasts and a conversation that would change my life and make me think about my own life in a much different way.

Bill has been becoming more active in the poker world in the last five months. He started streaming himself playing high stakes cash games in the middle of the ocean from his yacht. Bill would randomly disconnect all the time and not get tilted in any way. I think disconnection/internet lag while playing online poker is one of the most tilting things that can happen to you while you are grinding.


ESPECIALLY when you are in a big pot 😀




Bill saw that people in poker would giveaway things from time to time and decided that he wanted to do a REAL giveaway. Something that people would say “Oh my god!!! I can’t believe it.”

He came up with the idea to give away packages to the Pokerstars Festival down in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Hotel & Casino that takes place every January. Included would be

  • Airfare
  • Hotel at the Royal Tower from the 9th to 15th
  • $1500 in buyins to play tournaments
  • Coaching from Ike Haxton, Liv Boeree, Jeff Gross, and Daniel Negreanu

Twenty-one people were awarded packages over a couple of weeks and as of yesterday, they are down in the Bahamas trying to make the most of this opportunity.




I did a couple of mini-podcasts with a few of the winners! Many of the people who won packages I have seen on Twitch since it began and they have also been hardcores of my podcasts and live streams.

The name on the list that stuck out to me the most was Bruno Malavazzi. I knew Bruno from my YouTube and Twitch chat room, and he had called in the only time I ever had a couple people from the chat do that. He was in his late thirties and worked as a lawyer down in Brazil. I asked him the type of questions you always ask someone when you find out they are a lawyer and what the women of Brazil are really like. We had kept in touch and some time a few months later he sent me a message saying that he was in the hospital to be treated for cancer and might not be in the chat for some time but would still be watching the podcasts and would beat it. He has gone through multiple trips back to the hospital at this point in time but has always remained positive, upbeat and is still someone who shows up in the chat for as many podcasts as he can. He was unsure a couple of days ago if he would be able to go because of complications but last I heard from him, he is en route!! He said that he will return to the hospital for more treatment when he gets back but wanted to make the most of his time in the Bahamas.



I’m not sure if Bill would have started to stream on Twitch without all the positivity he got from appearing on my podcast the first time. I don’t know if he realizes the type of impact he had on people by coming on, but I’ve received many messages and had multiple discussions with people who said that it was one of the most motivational things that they have watched and how it changed their lives as well.

I think this comment on YouTube sums it up

Damn, this podcast is SO GOOD i should rewatch it every fucking week to stay inspired and motivated. Shout out to Joe and Bill for it. YOU ARE GREAT!




I also had a chance to speak with GigiFab and JimmyBluffet for mini-podcasts. I’ve known both of them for awhile from Twitch, and both were super excited for this opportunity. Gigi is coming from Australia and will travel over 30 hours to get to the Bahamas. This is the first time she is going on vacation without her two sons, and I’m not sure the Bahamas are ready to deal with Gigi :D!! Jimmy is from Texas and is one of the biggest poker fans I know. I really liked his attitude and his story about keeping a seat open for Amarillo Slim during his home game is pretty crazy.

I will be following along with the Team Thirst Lounge aka Team Perkins adventure and will be hoping that much adventure is had and someone ends up winning a bit of money to take back home. Thanks to Bill for doing something like this for the Twitch Poker community and I am very happy that he has decided to become a bigger part of the poker world.


You can follow along with the adventures of Team Perkins on Twitter or Instagram by following Bill. 



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