I just uploaded a new episode of my High Stakes Pot Limit Omaha podcast series!

This was the original series I started off doing on YouTube and I really want to create more PLO specific content in the future.

This episode features hands played by

  • Ike “Hollywood” Haxton
  • Dani Stern
  • Jungleman
  • Berri Sweet
  • D2themfi
  • and more :D!


Episode Creation



As of 8 days ago I had absolutely no idea how to use Adobe Photoshop, Premier or After Effects. I had all these ideas for the way I wanted my videos to look but didn’t have the time to devote to it because of poker. Now that I have time I’ve decided to go ALL IN on learning as much as I possibly can about all of the things I’ve wanted to for the past couple of years.

I started this episode on Saturday at 11:00am and I finished it on Sunday at 1:00pm. I streamed the process of it on Twitch a couple of times and had some conversations with GTO Club members but I outside of that I was pretty focused on this the entire time. I’ve been working hard on learning how to use Premier, After Effects and Photoshop. I wanted to create an intro for this episode and I started on a new After Effects course to learn a new way to do it!

When I take courses or watch tutorials on how to do things I really like to take my time. I will

  • watch one thing the person does
  • pause the video
  • try to do it myself in a few different variations
  • google what exactly I am doing/what it means
  •  then move on

For this specific course, I was pausing/rewatching every 10 seconds it felt like. It really is like learning a foreign language. I will probably go back and re-take this course 5-10 times until I can recreate it and understand it without having to take it again. I want to be able to explain why/what/how to someone who has never seen it before and be able to understand why I might apply the ideas behind it to spots in the future.

I spent hours tweaking the 5 second High Stakes PLO podcast intro and then I got the idea to include the first 30 seconds of my first podcast episode to show people the changes over time. I’m not really sure where this idea came from.

I wanted to use a clip from this song that always gets me hyped up but it would have to be a 45 secondish intro rather than a 10 second intro.  I would have liked to glitch the audio a little bit but I wanted to save learning that idea for another time. I did a whole lot of tweaking to the music audio levels to make sure it blended well and I think I did a good job on making it sound good. I wanted the level of the intro music to climax as the new HSPLO intro was playing and as the OnePokerLife website graphic was displayed.



I thought I was finished up with the intro but then I decided I wanted to add some effects to the first 30 second clip as well and got back into After Effects/worked on that for a couple hours. I used similar ideas I had studied for the 5 second intro and applied the general idea to that clip. It didn’t quite turn out the way I envisioned it in my mind but I thought it was still pretty good.





At some point I thought about building a stand-alone replay system to input the hands I would be discussing into. I set up a mock for two ideas I had in my mind but ultimately decided this would take far to long at this point and that I would work on it during the week. I think I have a really special idea that will greatly improve the way hands are displayed during my videos. I’ve had this idea in some capacity for a couple years now but I don’t really have much to base my idea off. Most of the replayer software or websites out there all follow a very similar presentation format. What I have in mind is much different than anything else I’ve seen so far.

The next step was to figure out the graphics I wanted to use during the video. I spent to much time on the intro so I didn’t want to invest that much time on in video graphics this episode. I included a date graphic to start, graphics when I referenced each podcast episode. I’ve been working on a few different effects for my date graphic and used one I already created for this spot. There were probably 5-10 other spots that I could have included some type over graphic and I came up with ideas I can utilize on future videos.



I really need to focus on figuring out a better way to display the hand histories for the next episodes. I have a couple ideas in my mind but I think I am going to focus on the hand replayer idea that I mentioned earlier. I might have to spend 10-30 hours on it but once it is built, I can use it and tweak it for the foreseeable future.

I know that everyone has the standard approach to outsource any idea like this but I have the vision inside my head for what I want and I love the challenge of being able to figure out. I think I’m wired much differently from most people. My idea of fun/challenging is to invest time into all these idea I have for creation, get really good at them, and then worry about outsourcing down the road. Most things come down to putting hours into learning and I am really good at putting hours into something with constant focus.

To finish off the episode I wanted to try out playing music at a low level during the hand discussions. I’ve always wanted to make a video and include the NFL Primetime from ESPN music, so I went ahead with that. I know that some people who watch it are going to say “WTF THIS MUSIC, THIS ISN’T GTO, WAH WAH WAH OMG” without understanding the deeper idea behind the reason for it. I had to spend a bit of time adjusting the levels to keep it in the background and not get in the way of my words.


Other Video Thoughts


I think the episode turned out pretty well. I chose some interesting hands that took place and included some 5 card PLO hands as well. I think I need to start slowing down when I begin getting a bit more in depth on strategy. I have a tendency to speed up my words and get extremely fired up when I get into strategy for things.

Overall, I enjoyed the new things I learned in the process of making this video. I think they are going to serve me well as I attempt to become a world class video editor over the coming years 😀


Check Out the Episode!!