I am going to start writing these recaps/takeaways/random words for each of the podcasts that I do. I know that there is a pretty good number of people out there who would like to watch certain parts of the podcasts or that don’t have the time to devote 1-2-3 hours to watching or listening on ITunes to a podcast and I want to try to make these more accessible for those people in the future. I have ideas related to putting up the best parts from each episode, putting together a 20-30 min version of each pod, timestamping all podcast episodes so that people can expect them to be there regularly and putting these write-ups out for each episode so that people can also expect to see these regularly. I might succeed at all of this and I also might fail at all of this. I end up getting lost in 10 hour poker days a bit too often and not much productivity outside of that ends up taking place 🙂 ¶


**I am still learning to be a professional writer, I will learn by the 500th thing I write**


Onto the podcast with Dan. The feedback on this episode has been really really good so far. I’ve met Dan a couple times in the past but I really wasn’t sure what to expect going in. I never really knew the specifics of how he came up in the online world, but I did know that he loved to talk shit in the chat box :).  There are some podcasts that I do that for whatever reason you just click right away and it feels like you’ve spent hours in the past talking to that person. I always prefer the vibe to be more of a conversation and less of an interview. I thought Dan did a really great job of making it an actual back & forth in spots and I think that makes for the best content from my standpoint and also from the people who are watching. I’ve noticed that it tends to be that way when you have people on who haven’t done much audio/video type of interviews in the past. They seem to not have any expectations for what it will be like and let things flow more naturally. ¶


I found it Dan’s rise to the high stakes world very fascinating. Fascinating in that I’ve had so many poker friends over the years take a similar degenerate style approach to trying to make it to the high stakes. Build up a bankroll, shot take, win, win, lose, bust, build up bankroll, shot take, bust, build up bankroll, shot take, win, win, lose, drop back down to rebuild, win, shot take, win, bust. This type of stuff goes on for years sometimes until they are out of poker and working a job in the suburbs of Nashville. Dan’s story is the one that pushes through all that and by hook or by crook, ends up making it. I could also relate to his challenge of trying to figure out what to spend his time/passion on now. For myself, that ended up being playing basketball, learning more about taking care of my body, and starting my podcast. I’m sure that many people out there will be able to relate to his feelings on it as well. It was a bit refreshing to have somebody on who has had high stakes success but also is still really trying to figure out what exactly life means to him. I think that most of the people I’ve had on with that type of success give off the impression that they have life pretty figured out in a lot of ways. I can imagine that some people out there hearing Dan has no idea what he wants to do next, will make them feel much better about them having no fucking idea what they want to do with their own lives. ¶


This was one of my favorite podcasts I’ve done so far, but at the same time, I feel like I think that about almost all of the podcasts I end up doing. I love getting to know more about the people who are the best in the game that I’ve spent so many hours/days/months/years focusing on. I hope that the people who decided to give this one a listen, really enjoyed it. When I think back to the idea of making best of clips or a 20-30 min version of the podcast, I almost would rather not do it. It seems like a good way to reward the people who actually take the time out to still start listening to the podcast 🙂 But then you can argue that a certain subsection of people won’t ever click on it because of the length and with a best of or 20-30 min version, they will listen to that, find they really like it and then give future full length episodes a listen. Decisions decisions decisions…… ¶


Timestamps** (These are also in the description on the YouTube link, you can click on them to get taken to that time)

2:00 general introduction
5:09 SNE – 5000$ SNGs action
6:22 pokerjourney – TOS are fun
12:53 pokerstars BAN – new discpline
15:15 friendship with Olivier Busquet
16:33 chatting skills / trolling ENDBOSS
18:19 entering the LIVEPOKER scene
22:33 entering the ONE DROP – 1,000,000.00$ MTT
28:09 ONE DROP – “celebration” CONTROVERSITY
29:27 gambling mindset – rush of LOOSING
32:17 AHA moments / US society -GAIN WEALTH- mentality
39:50 winning STREAK post ONE DROP
41:20 “retirement” from tournaments
43:19 pursuit of HAPPYNESS/ (RIO) lifestyle
49:16 burning men – experience
1:00:46 WEBCAM – 10k flips / 5ks vs VbV
1:07:10 AA Fold vs SEIVER in the SHR Cashgame 400$/800$
1:10:53 GPL thoughts – player(s) HYPE / SPORTifying
1:18:39 GTO impacts in the near future
1:21:07 the GREAT game of PLO
1:23:20 homage to SKYWALKER / Helio / Earl / ISILDUR1 / etc
1:29:29 greatest Poker “accomplishment” – FREEDOM pursuit – life GOALS
1:31:03 IGOR( Kurganov)S WISDOM
1:38:03 CHARITY thoughts (drive w DAN SMITH) / AI research
1:43:55 upcoming MMA FIGHT: JC Alvarado vs Olivier Busquet
1:54:30 figuring out the FUTURE LIFE / outro
1:59:03 Manila highstakes “PRIVATE WORLD” ALLEGATIONS