(Day 7 of my 7 Day Challenge to write something and put out a video each day. I def got lazy with the video I uploaded tonight, although I put more editing into it than I did the videos where I just talk so maybe I didn’t. )


What is the purpose of this?? I have no idea….


Today was a great day in an almost fully productive standpoint.


I’ve been doing this thing lately where I start to play a session of 5/10 10/20 PLO and tell myself “OKAY AFTER 2 HOURS i WILL GO WORK ON SOMETHING ELSE!” Obviously this never works out and once again today I found myself playing for 6 hours. I ended up making a couple thousand dollars but at the same time I wish, in retrospect, I would have spent time working on other things (like writing this article). I lack discipline to such a severe degree right now on so many fronts. I’ve always lacked discipline on many poker perspectives, it was my biggest downfall for many years. It was the biggest reason why I could never reach that elusive 100k bankroll mark for so long. It is the thing that I have fixed the most in many many ways for my poker approach. But when it comes to saying “I will quit after 2 hours” I don’t have it down yet. Maybe I don’t want to have it down?? I feel like it would have some value to be able to say that and then do it. I don’t often tell myself something like this prior to a session but as of late I want to do so much more with my time. That desire to play poker for 10 hours straight, rest/relax mindlessly for 2 hours after and then before you know it I am in bed, ready to do it again the next day. I knew that when I started to learn about new things the world had to offer that I would never fully be able to go back to being that way. I see why so many don’t make it at poker. The inability to sacrifice and the desire of so much more for themselves in the short term is so strong. I could make a really strong case that this is my biggest problem right now. My inability to sacrifice not playing poker anymore for the desire of the amount of money I make right now at poker in order to fully embrace my future in the world of entrepreneurship and really give that my entire focus. I love poker still a great amount 🙂 I especially love the great game of Pot Limit Omaha 🙂 Maybe I love how much I excel at the game instead. Maybe I would love anything if I was able to excel at it to such a high degree. Today was a +EV day for poker. I really feel like I’ve come so far in one of my weaker areas in the past. Accepting that you played the hand the “correct” way and the outcome of the hand should not change the way you approach the next hand. From a base, level 1 approach I think this would be the theoretical way to approach it. I used to always let it get to me so much if I played the “correct” way in the hand and lost to a fun player or reg. Now I get a bit tilted when I know I made an incorrect play and I win/lose. I guess the perfect GTO players who can’t be high in # never tilt no matter what and always make the right play, so exit out of this now perfect players. For everyone else who has some fucking issues from time to time/always continue.


This really isn’t some type of strategy hour video cardplayer article iveyoncerunners video though.


This is more a summary of my day of poker today, and a tiny fraction of the thoughts contained in my mind during the session today.


Let me add some of my TRADEMARK bold, italics, spacing, flow, swag, smile, heart, soul to this.


I could get into some women theory as well. I could get into some social media theory. I could get into some dealing with people from my perspective theory. Lets leave that for another time 🙂