Daniel Negreanu started a podcast last week and the first guest was his friend/poker agent Brian Balsabaugh.


(I will be having Daniel on my own podcast Monday afternoon at 1pm EST. You can find the episode on my YouTube channel.)


I wasn’t sure what to expect going in to the episode but the topics Brian talked about were really fascinating stuff. They discussed how insane it was in the poker boom days with regards to patch deals and sponsorship’s from websites. Brian’s agency were handing out patch deals with people who made final tables for 5 figures and that turned into patch deals for anyone who was getting on TV. I almost don’t believe this was the same poker world that I am involved with now. I imagine that with so much easy money floating around most players didn’t feel very inclined to work hard on getting good at the game. I guess it shows in that not many of those people are still around the poker world today.

I’ve heard Brian’s name before but didn’t know much about him or what exactly a poker agent does. I still am not quite sure what he does right now but it sounds like it was a pretty fun time years ago.

The episode was a very entertaining hour and I recommend you listen to it if you enjoy hearing about how crazy it was a few years back in the poker world. I really want to know more about this period of time but I don’t think much content really exists sadly. We need a poker detective to go on a 5000 word deep dive of the poker world circa 2006-2010.

I’m very interested to see what direction Daniel goes with the podcast. He mentioned in the beginning that he intends to get the people who make decisions in the poker world on the podcast and I hope that he goes that route. Those are the types of guests that I haven’t really met yet and probably wouldn’t be the best guests for my own podcast right now. I would imagine that Daniel will know the answers to most of the questions he will end up asking his guests and I think that he will use that knowledge for the better. For myself, it is really easy to set up guests with things to say when you already know the answers to the questions. Overall I love that Daniel has decided to start doing a podcast and I hope it will help poker fans also become poker podcasting fans.

I’m not sure what Daniel has planned for his website FullContactPoker but the site design looks really good. Will stay tuned for that.


Find the Podcast


You can listen to the podcast on FullContactPoker 

You can can also find the podcast on iTunes