I had Doug Polk back on my Poker Life Podcast Monday.

(Timestamps and Video are at the bottom of the page)


We recorded this together from Doug’s hotel in Beverly Hills and kept the length to an hour, as compared to our previous episodes which last two hours+. I know that many people enjoy the longer episodes but this is something we are trying out moving forward.

We discussed Doug being snubbed at the American Poker Awards, Cate Hall poker awards speech….


The incident that took place between Limon and Doug on Live at the Bike, his big hand against Alec Torelli with JJ, Doug commenting on what he thinks Alec poker ability is……


The current market of poker coaches, my new book Chasing The Poker Dream, the future of poker content, Doug’s HU course, my GTO Club, and Doug’s HSP videos being taken down from YouTube.

I enjoyed this episode overall and want to do more in person podcasts. I’m going to start recording these after show videos where I talk a bit more about the episode, some of the topics we discussed and other random stuff.




Doug being snubbed at the American Poker Awards (1:30)
Cate Hall poker awards speech (9:14)
Limon/Live At The Bike incident (19:45)
Famous JJ hand vs Alec Torelli (30:53)
Bang Bang Alec (35:00)
Poker coaches (36:24)
Bang Bang training sites (40:00)
Chasing The Poker Dream book (40:30)
Future of poker content (41:30)
Bang Bang Twitch (44:15)
Doug HU course (Best HU course EVER) (45:30)
Free month of GTO Club for HU course purchasers (47:11)
GTO Club (48:45)
Prop betting (52:05)
Doug HSP videos being taken down from YouTube (53:18)



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Doug YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/dougpolkpoker