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Viffer finally makes an appearance on the Poker Life podcast


After asking almost every podcast guest for a Viffer story we finally were able to get Viffer stories from VIFFER himself!!!

  • Being a Millionaire to broke and back again in 1 week
  • 2 Months 2 Million TV show appearance
  • Driving to Rehab one random night 
  • Angering the other people attending Rehab with Viffer stories
  • Possible Ladyboy aka LGG encounter 
  • Dan Bilzerian stories including Dan pulling a robber on Viffer
  • His side of the Durrrr challenge pertaining to side betting 
  • Thailand with Ben Lamb
  • Partying for 5 days straight on a variety of substances
  • Viffer GTO wisdom 

Viffer wasn’t on camera for the podcast but that didn’t matter to most of the people who watched it live. Finally getting a chance to hear Viffer stories from Viffer was well worth it.


Favorite Story


I really enjoyed most of the stories but my favorite was partying for 5 days straight!

  • Accidental meth usage
  • 162 visitors
  • naked people on the lawn
  • hospitalization
  • drugs missing
  • purposeful meth usage
  • eviction
  • the Palms hotel
  • government senators
  • 30 days of sleeping


Viffer was out of the poker world for most of the past couple of years until beginning to play again recently. He talked about how poker isn’t as fun as it once was and how $1 million dollars in poker money today was like $20,000 in years past.

Viffer left us by saying that as glamorous as the high stakes world might be from the outside, it isn’t as glamorous when on the inside.

Viffer also said that this would be his last poker “interview” aka conversation he ever does. Thank you very much to him for having it happen on the Poker Life podcast 😀



  • 2:05 Viffer (self)introduction
  • 9:00 Million to broke and back in a week
  • 14:13 “retired” from poker(lifestyle)
  • 26:43 2M2M appearance
  • 33:35 Rehab
  • 40:06 Ladyboy story
  • 48:40 Dan Bilzerian
  • 53:05 Anti-TOS substances GTO
  • 55:55 Durrrr challenge
  • 1:09:47 Ben Lamb
  • 1:15:24 5day straight party
  • 1:44:33 Viffer wisdom