Fedor Holz wins the €50,000 High Roller


The young prince Fedor Holz has done it again by taking down the EPT Barcelona €50,000 High Roller tournament for €1,300,300 aka $1,471,485 USD (before any swaps or action sold).




As you can see by Fedor’s tweet, this was his first tournament win as a “recreational” poker player. On the last podcast we did together, Fedor talked about the statement that he was “retiring” from poker which basically meant he was planning to not play as much/a full World Series of Poker schedule in the future. I could tell that Fedor was pretty drained from the World Series of Poker grind during our conversation.

I went back and rewatched the first time Fedor was on the podcast in Oct 2014 and I immediately noticed the difference in demeanor between the two episodes. I prefer the happy/prop-bet-making Fedor 😀


I’m glad to see that it didn’t take Fedor long to regroup and get back to playing high stakes cash games online/winning high roller tournaments.

The win added to Fedor’s year, which includes winning the One Drop, two Aria 25k High Rollers, Aria 50k Super High Roller, 200k High Roller in the Philippines, 100k WPT Alpha8 late last year, and second in the 300k Super High Roller Bowl!!! Lmao just typing that out 😀




I enjoyed the reaction on #PokerTwitter after the latest victory. This was my favorite from – DEBATABLY – the funniest person on #PokerTwitter Last summer I wasn’t a believer in the humor of Jamie but I have found the light over the past 12 months.




Pratyush Buddiga Chops 25k High Roller


The man I like to call PLP aka POKER Lovin Prat aka Pratyush Buddiga chopped (split for the noobs) three handed for €690,275 aka $777,767.36 USD (before action sold and swaps). He ended up officially winning it after the players flipped for the trophy!



David Yan aka missoraclepoker aka OMGClayDol on TwoPlusTwo ended up winning the most money for €704,755 aka $79,4082.70 USD (before action sold or swaps). David sold some action for the event in the TwoPlusTwo staking forums.
Prat is one of my favorite people that I’ve met in the poker world and I’m extremely happy for him. Poker can be a game that, when on a downswing, causes you to stop forgetting about the positive qualities you possess as a person and instead start focusing on the lack of monetary success currently ongoing in your life.

I will be curious to see if Prat’s parents are less inclined to force him into an arranged marriage after the win.






You can check our Pratyush last appearance on the podcast, as well as the most recent Fedor Holz episode below