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Exclusive Written and Video content from me that focuses on poker and mindset GTO tips and tricks

Access to Q&A videos based on questions from the club members

Daily selection of the most GTO content from around the web

24 hour GTO Text Hotline to get in touch with me personally when you need immediate advice


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Live group meetings for collective GTO-problem solving based on the questions brought up by the club members

Forums for members to engage with each other, make friends, discuss what you are working on, support each other, and help each other achieve goals

Active group chat (that I will be in anytime I’m on the computer)





BONUS podcast discussion videos after each podcast where I reflect on the episode available exclusively to GTO club members

Daily video blogs where you get to watch me as I’m working on my projects

Thoughts on GTO club, and how it has helped me.

Why did I join?

Simple answer is I felt like i was plateauing on my skill at poker and my enjoyment of the game. Every time I tried to go at poker hard, I ended up getting burnt out and missing certain work culture I had in the past. Poker itself lacked to provide any sort of community, besides only one real poker playing friend who took it seriously to do things like get coaching or play in the WSOP main, I’m not friends with anyone who is making poker a priority in their life. I have people I nod at and say whats up to at casinos, but I didn’t gain any true friends, or meet people in the live scene that inspired me, or made me want to strive to be more GTO in all aspects of life.

Before my professional life, I think my most motivated times, and times where I was most in shape and social were when I was living with some of my core best friends in college. Having that social atmosphere, which was very supportive of eachother was great. One room mate taught me about money management for the first time, IDK if i’d have a Roth IRA without meeting him, another room mate was a trainer at the university’s gym, I doubt I would have gotten in good shape without him. A couple others were really into books and quality movies/TV shows, and watching and reading similar content then discussing them has turned me into a lover of high quality shows and avid reader of non fiction for the rest of my life, which has been +EV in many ways. We always reminisce on the fun of that community, spending almost no money, and having the best memories. Having a strong community is so important and can’t be overstated enough. I think I was hoping to recreate this a bit with the GTO club, and we have to the best of our ability, with us spread out all over the world of course.

Since those years in college with those room mates, I have always worked in environments with super motivated people, who inspire you, and make you want to strive for more, make you want to build up certain communities, and to provide safe places for people who have trouble finding them. Co workers are more often the types who are never working for a paycheck, but to create change proactively, or to make the experience better for those who are living in todays often cruel society. These people on a daily basis allow you to see the good in people, and at times the greatness. They leave you feeling hopeful for the future, and after working with them you put you head down to sleep at night thinking maybe, just maybe, you made an impact in the world today. To put it bluntly, you don’t often feel that way at the casino. XD.

I think the biggest thing the GTO club has led me to discovering, is that GTO varies from person to person, but the stepping stones to getting there are pretty clear, and it just takes discipline and hard work. The discipline and hard work is INFINITELY helped out by community, and camaraderie from that. Not only are we supporting each other, but we also are firm with each other, and holding each other accountable. It’s hard to make an excuse when someone as motivational as Joe Ingram is saying “bro, stop making fucking excuses.” You find yourself actually getting stuff done.

I was always good at knowing what is GTO, from books, to self helpy podcasts, I consumed lots of content. What my struggle came back to was confidence in myself, and following through with what I knew was best for me. Sacrificing short term enjoyment for long term fulfillment is GTO. The club makes living this mantra way easier.

It’s funny to me that a “poker club” has led me to playing less poker, as I shape my own path towards GTO. My long term dream is something along the lines of running a foundation or nonprofit focused on something I am passionate about. I’m starting that journey this week, working at a cutting edge charter school in Massachusetts. I squeeze in poker study and online hours on weeknights. I am also still focused on grinding live on the best days, Friday/Sat/Sun at the nearby casino.

Personal GTO outline**

Things I need:
– Job that thrives on strong workplace teamwork and culture.
– Fulfillment from said job.
– Poker as chief hobby and side income.
– GTO club community.
– Diet and Fitness efforts improved over time.
– Relationship building, intimate and friendship level. *Also improve quality of relationship with family and previous friends.
– Follow the 4 agreements, and when I fail, try again.

– Happiness from fulfillment .
– Surrounded by loved ones.
– Financial independence, helped by poker.
– Good Health.
– Experiences that I will treasure.

My happiness, poker results, gym efforts, diet efforts, and overall discipline is PE_/\_KING currently. I have spent the last couple years dwelling on the past and overthinking the future, making the search for happiness my number one goal, and not realizing that happiness is a result of the process, and isn’t the thing to strive for.

If you follow the four agreements, which is my personal bible, written by Miguel Ruiz, you will end up happy. You will live a full life, where happiness is the byproduct of the journey. I have full faith in that.

To the GTO Club team, and to Joey, all I can do is say thanks, it’s been great so far, and I feel like the sky is the limit. I can’t wait to power through failures together, and more often than not celebrate our successes. Let’s fucking get it.

Matt M. - GTO Club Member

More information on the club is here.  The group will start at $375 monthly. You can email me thegtoclub@gmail.com




I will reevaluate the price as the club begins




Started playing on PokerStars in late 2007
Went from 24-tabling¢5/¢10 No Limit(NL) full ring to ¢50/$1 in 8 months
Played 603,000 hands of full ring in 1 month to win a prop bet and set an online record for most hands in a month at full ring in December 2008
Played 50,000 hands in 20 hours to win another prop bet and set the record for most hands played ever in one day in December 2009
Played up to $25/$50 NL (not always well or rolled) while mixing in some Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) to achieve Supernova Elite for the first time on Pokerstars in 2010
Relocated to Vancouver after Black Friday and embarked on a prop bet to get Supernova Elite in 2.5 months
Played 450,000 hands of PLO in one month to win another prop bet and set the record for most hands ever in a month of PLO and also achieve Supernova Elite in December 2011
Stopped mass tabling and started shot taking higher stakes PLO and won $100,000 in January 2012
Went on a $700,000 upswing through September 2012
Started doing a bit too many drugs and mixing women with poker and went on a $500,000 downswing before moving to Sydney in the fall 2012
Moved back stateside in March 2013 and rededicated myself to poker in August 2013
Started doing my famous HSPLO podcast from my office February 2014
Regularly played $2/$4 through $10/$20 PLO over the next couple of years
Built my podcast to become one of the most popular and respected pieces of content in the community by putting in hours week after week after week for now 2.5 years
Meet and chat with some of the smartest people in the world on weekly basis!