I’ve talked about the GTO Club a few different times over the past few months.

I wanted to put out more information about it as we are looking to expand our membership and add more people into the group.

In this video I talk more about how I came up with the idea and more about it.



I want to write this out in a way that perfectly describes everything but I know that isn’t going to happen ūüėÄ

What is it?? 


  • Monthly Membership Group¬†
  • A community of people who share a desire to be the best they can be at poker, life and mindset
  • A community that helps hold each other accountable, stay motivated, supports and share ideas.¬†
  • Being a part of a group of people that is searching for the optimal way to do things and all bring a different viewpoint to the table.¬†
  • Group interactions through meetings, chat and the forums to discuss what you are working on.¬†
  • 1 on 1 training/coaching/coversations with me on anything related to poker, life, love, mindset, etc.
  • I will become a part of your life and am available 24 hours/day for anyone¬†
  • Structured video and written content related to poker strategy, poker mindset, life mindset, life essentials .¬†


Who the GTO Club is for??

  • Online 100nl+ or 100plo+ player
  • Live player of most limits
  • Someone with a career who plays poker on the side and wants to get better at both
  • Someone who is looking for more motivation to play poker
  • Someone who wants to improve their winrate and mindset


This might be for you if you are looking to improve your

  • Poker ability
  • Poker/Life mindset
  • Approach to poker/life
  • Range of knowledge outside of poker
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • And become¬†a more GTO person


Everyone will get value in different ways but the biggest aspect I’ve seen is the community aspect. Having people to hold you accountable, keep you motivated, ¬†and provide different viewpoints has been huge.


If you are interested in finding out more you can get in touch with me.

Email thegtoclub@gmail.com

Facebook group post with more information