I’ve always wanted to have a website which featured some of the better/my favorite poker content from around the internet. I think there is some really great video and written content being produced in the industry but most of it gets lost in the shuffle. 



PokerStars, PPA at Center of Legal Online Poker Debate in California by David Huber


David has been one of my favorite poker writers for a bit of time now.  I like the way he is able to produce high quality long form pieces of written content.

This article gave me a much better perspective of what exactly is going on with Pokerstars and the fight to regulate online poker in California. He does have some harsh words for David Baazov included which might make some people happy.

I hope we find out more one day about what his exact involvement has been with Pokerstars in recent years.

Big shoutout to David for linking to a couple of the more GTO (optimal) podcast episodes I’ve done this year 😀

3 Ways for 888poker to Better Compete with PokerStars by Bradley Chalupski


I’ve often wondered why Pokerstars competitors are fishing so incredibly hard when it comes to strategy.

I will have a separate article of my own to discuss the value for poker sites and poker products on investing in Twitch streamers.

Why poker sites haven’t continued to develop their software is beyond me. I’ve wondered this for years! Are sites really convinced that the amount of money they spend on an upgrade won’t be made up by having a superior offering for customers??

How to Value Poker Players by Alex Scott


This is an older favorite of mine written by Microgaming Poker Network head Alex Scott.

He discusses the GTO way to value poker players from the operator point of view.

It’s a very interesting read and was one of the blog posts that got me to reach out to come on my podcast.