It has been one week of the Global Poker League so far and now we have 145 more weeks of play to go 🙂


I’m sad the sportify version of poker is equal to HU/6max SNGifying poker. I’m sure AD was in the lab and decided this was the only version that could work.

I think the GPL will be successful no matter what anyone on poker Twitter, TwoPlusTwo, and Twitch say. It will be popular for some of the same reasons that Phil Hellmuth is popular. It will almost be successful by default. They are linked up with Twitch, Pokerstars and PokerCentral at the moment and I would imagine they will be linked up with anything related to poker in the upcoming future. They have over 400 hours of content planned so far for online and live play. There really isn’t anything else competing with it and outside of watching streamers on Twitch, there really isn’t anything else going on that someone who is a fan of poker can watch so often. I think that most of the Twitch poker audience will give it a first look and go back to the regular streamers they watch but over time give it 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…. etc looks and at some point GPL will become their go-to streamer to watch. It will always be 1st or 2nd most popular stream in the poker section and will be getting a push from Twitch to be on the front page. All of the poker media sites that casual poker fans visit will put up content about it on a weekly basis and will be easy for people who haven’t heard of it to find. All of the poker players who are participating in it will be tweeting and facebooking about it 3+ days a week as they and teammates compete. I think many people will not really like it the first couple times that they watch it and might never like it at all but so many people will be exposed to it that it almost doesn’t matter. Once things get closer to seasons end and the races start to get close I think that almost everyone who is a poker fan and regularly online will take interest to paying attention. The overall exposure for this is going to be massive! Unless the GPL fucks up massively, it cannot lose 🙂 (this is before you factor in the chinese investors) Embrace the constant GPL tweets/retweets and posts now.


Some type of live play will be taking part during the World Series of Poker in Vegas during the summer and I’m sure that GPL will be associated with the WSOP itself in some way. I would imagine they will have some type of prime sponsorship during the WSOP live streams and at the Rio.  GPL is coming for you all.


I watched the 6 max match that Timex and Fedor played in and also watched the HU match Nanonoooooko played. The 6 max match basically played out how you would expect it to be played out. Coin flips with pairs vs high cards to decide who wins.  The HU match wasn’t that much more interesting to me. I wasn’t really sure who was betting what most of the time. I think the HU format has more skill in it than the 6 max format but I’m not sure how important that will be to the GPL. Hopefully they make it easier to follow the betting action in the future. I know if I had some trouble with this, that many people who don’t know much about how poker works will also have trouble with this.


It seemed like Griffin and Sam studied other ESports commentators for some hours and tried to imitate everything about them. They are only a couple of days in at this point and I think over time they will develop good chemistry with each other and their own styles. I’m not sure how important it is to the GPL to have the commentators be likable to people watching but I think they would ideally like it to be a good cop, bad cop situation.  I’ve seen some people saying that they didn’t enjoy the commentary so far but I think that everyone should give them time to becoming more accustomed to doing it 🙂


I tried to watch the Jungleman vs Elky match back that many people were talking about on social media but I didn’t find it that easy to do. The links that I found were for the entire 5-6 hour stream and trying to scroll through the match wasn’t very easy. I like how they used webcams for the heads up matches and being able to hear commentary from the players during it will be fun. I think that more people will start to embrace the chatting during matches as the league goes on. I think they have started putting up main highlights from matches and hopefully they will have 5-10 min versions of the matches available in the future for people who don’t want to sit through all the downtime that takes place.  I have a feeling that the GPL will try to feature these two/three teams in some type of rivalry in the future as the first official GPL narrative (shout out NossyCS).

The presentation I don’t really feel any type of way about so far. I’ve been reading many comments about how the presentation isn’t very good. I think that the presentation of the play is a work in progress and that they will put in the lab work to improve everything as we go along.

I’ve enjoyed the players on the teams tweeting out about the matches so far and the teammates. I think that support will go a long way to gaining more fans for individual teams.

I’ve also enjoyed AD aka Alex Dreyfus retweeting strategy:) I hope he will find some balance with it as more and more positive comments start to come in.

Bigpotpoker on Twitch keeps asking about how the GPL will make money??? If it doesn’t make any money, will investor money keep coming in?? How will he pay back the chinese investors??? Who knows and I’m not sure if we should really care much about it at this stage 🙂

After 1 week in I think that the GPL is going to be really great for poker. Everything will get better as time goes along. This is the first attempt at all of this for many of the people involved. The only play to go is up 🙂 ¶ ¶ ¶



Podcast Schedule for this Week


Tuesday 9pm EST: Kitty Kuo and Katrina Lim to discuss the upcoming poker reality show Girl Got Game that Katrina has helped create and Kitty will be a cast member on

Thursday 4pm EST: Dan Colman

Friday 4pm EST: Podcast favorite Sean Lefort


You can find the podcasts live on my YouTube channel or on Twitch