I got a bunch of really good feedback for doing this for the Dan Colman podcast a couple days ago and I think I will continue to do these for almost every episode that comes out in the near future.


I am going to start writing these recaps/takeaways/random words for each of the podcasts that I do. I know that there is a pretty good number of people out there who would like to watch certain parts of the podcasts or that don’t have the time to devote 1-2-3 hours to watching or listening on ITunes to a podcast and I want to try to make these more accessible for those people in the future. I have ideas related to putting up the best parts from each episode, putting together a 20-30 min version of each pod, timestamping all podcast episodes so that people can expect them to be there regularly and putting these write-ups out for each episode so that people can also expect to see these regularly. I might succeed at all of this and I also might fail at all of this. I end up getting lost in 10 hour poker days a bit too often and not much productivity outside of that ends up taking place 🙂


**I am still learning to be a professional writer, I will learn by the 500th thing I write**


Onto the podcast with Sean. This was the 5th official time I’ve had Lefort on the podcast and I always really look forward to having him back on. I feel like Lefort should be way more popular in the poker world than he is but he never really put in those super high stakes battles for the general poker audience to start to take notice. In terms of delivering all around life GTO, I think he gives more than almost any of the guests that I have on. He is definitely the most popular guest on for the ladies out there as according to google anayltics, female viewership goes up 18% 🙂


We never did an official trip report of our adventure at EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) during last summer, so we started this episode off talking about that. I can only really remember bits and pieces of the trip 10 months later but I know I had a really good time. Lefort, like many others before him, became instantly transformed into one with the music when I put my spirit hood on him.

I remember at some point Lefort decided to go shirtless and I expected to see women undressing themselves more than they already were (everyone is half naked at these things) but it was dark out so that didn’t end up happening. We spent some time in the first part of this pod talking about the state of online PLO and then got into my favorite part of discussing IGG aka Instagram Girl Grinding aka IGG GTO aka IGG strat and snapchat/social media in general GTO. (GTO= Optimal = Strategy = Anything you want it to mean) My favorite takeaway from this was that Lefort talked about choosing photos for Instagram by taking videos of the things he was doing and then taking a screenshot from that video to edit. You need a very good camera for this.


Lefort talked a bunch about investing and daytrading after that. He seemed to be the most passionate when he was talking about these things. I get the feeling that he is much more passionate about things when he is in the discovery/learning stages of them. That probably is a pretty common thing for most people out there. The grind up is always more exciting than the grind to maintain or gain back.


We planned a trip to Colombia when he was talking about his recent trip down and it is probably 95% to actually take place. There was a bunch of other stuff mixed in over the podcast and you can find timestamps below of some of those things. If you are the type of person to listen to some of these podcast and feel inclined to take notes, you would probably write down 15-25 different things during this episode 🙂



3:43 EDC 2015 TRIPreport
6:22 SPIRITHOOD GTO – add the spirithood affiliate link here smile emoticon
13:25 actual PLO environment/stars changes
43:33 LIFEgoals
45:45 plans? for the BACHELOR show
47:55 throwback to the first POD
50:04 INSTAGRAM secret REVEALED / other social media GTO
1:03:17 I(nstagram)GG – womenz of Instagram
1:06:55 (value) Investments
1:09:33 upcoming technology evolvements
1:13:39 DAYtrading
1:26:29 research / contact of successful people
1:41:07 (negative) BODYbuilding developments / problems
2:10:00 Earthing / Grounding
2:17:07 COLOMBIA holiday / experiences
2:33:10 upcoming event / plans for the near future
2:35:58 extended YOUNG lifestyle / delayed start of the familygrind
2:40:33 twitter COMPETITION -huge prize to be awarded-
2:50:55 Outro / chat questions
3:01:44 podcast in 10years -COMPETITION-