I’m writing this at 3:30 AM after watching a full day of 2 card PLO aka No Limit Hold’em, so my thoughts will be a bit all over and in no particular order. I will be podcasting at 1 pm EST today/Monday with Mike McDonald.

Day 2 Chip Counts on PokerCentral

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I enjoyed the FREE coverage of Day 1 very much today. I spent most of my time on Twitter and tried to bring some energy to it.

Phil Hellmuth showing up hours late for the tournament while being on the featured table with Kevin Hart… not sure if GTO.


Wait, this isn’t on CBS sports again???

Cary Katz has come up with a unique NL strategy it appears, and I love it.


Kevin Hart plays much tighter than I would have expected him to play.

Phil Hellmuth did have an epic outburst after doubling up Bonomo in a 3b pot with TT vs. 86 on T97, but I can understand his frustration a bit better after talking with him on my podcast last week. Phil thinks that he should get much more credit from players and spectators and I get the feeling that he really wants to show that during this event. Phil really does think he is the best NL tournament player in the world. I’m not one to tell someone they are right or wrong for having that type of confidence in themselves. 🙂  I will sit back and enjoy the show. It honestly makes so much more sense after talking with him for two hours on the podcast.

Kevin Hart comment about not being good enough to not laugh during the outburst 😀


I was hoping they would rotate feature tables again this year. I can understand the desire to have Kevin Hart at the center for the entirety. That aspect of the coverage was one of my favorite things last year. I think they could have done a much better job in showcasing the rest of the field, but they must have some type of reason for that decision. It often seemed like Ali and Nick had no idea what was happening when cameras shifted to the outer tables. I don’t think we heard more than half the field names brought up for most of the day.

I LOVE LOVE THE 30 SECOND SHOT CLOCK SO MUCH!! It makes watching this so so so much more enjoyable.

Phil Hellmuth flopping set over set against Kevin Hart to bust out is lol ridiculous. Kevin included the slow roll as well.

While I would have liked to see feature tables rotate, I’ve also enjoyed Kevin Hart very much. I think he provided life to the game almost the entire day. The second feature table of the day seemed much better at engaging in discussion with him. I wouldn’t have expected anything less with Ben Lamb at table.

Cary checking back K5 on A-K-K-5 board when he 3b preflop against Byron AA was!!!! You can tell he has picked up a lot playing against the best players. I wouldn’t expect most businessmen to develop turn check back ranges in 3b pots that contain this type of hand in it but at this point, Cary has put in a good amount of volume playing.


Haralabob table talk 😀


Nick Petrangelo looks pretty scary to play against. I also want to know more about him, must get him on the podcast.

Dominik Nitsche is playing like a savage. I love it.

Dan Colman’s arms get bigger and bigger every year.

It wasn’t Ben86 day out there.

I want to dye my hair pink every time I see Justin.

I LOVE Negreanu’s new shirt. GTO

It’s getting late; I feel like I’ve LOVED many things while writing this.

I like how PokerCentral fed the Super High Roller Bowl drug to the public for free today, and it will only be available on PokerGo (9.99usd) from here on out. The feedback has been mixed on it so far. Most of the poker world is used to getting everything for free with all the content available on Twitch and YouTube. I honestly am not sure if I can access the app on my Playstation or computer tomorrow and I know I’m not alone. This year might have some issues with the roll out of everything, but I imagine that in future years it will be much improved.

I can listen to Nick Schulman talk about anything for hours. I enjoyed the way Nick and Ali got a bit more out of line with the needles/commentary as the night went on 😀 I know how challenging it can be to talk about poker NONSTOP for hours knowing the people watching at home are waiting for you to say something that makes you sound like an idiot so they can bring it up.

I’m excited for Day 2 and will be doing a live companion stream on my YouTube while I watch the action at home. (I think)

Table draws for Seat 2.


Shout out to my Instagram people out there, I love that place.