(This was initially supposed to be something else but then the idea of poker work ethic came into my head and I started writing about it. If I go back and edit this I probably won’t want to put it out so if there might be some non GTOptimal writing in this 🙂 )


I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past few months. As I get older and become interested in doing more/learning more about different things in life, it is much more challenging to control the motivation and work ethic for poker that I once had. I think it must be a natural thing that as we start to focus on many things, our ability to truly focus on one thing is hurt and the ability to maintain that becomes an entire skill in itself. Being able to dedicate 95% of your entire mental focus on one thing and excel at it is something that is attainable but shifting that to 30-50% mental focus and the ability to excel is an entire other challenge in its own which might require an extra XX% of mental focus from an entirely different place. I am confusing myself a bit typing this out but these types of thoughts have been going through my mind often recently. I think most people run into this well before they enter year 9 of there poker existence, although I am sure a large subsection of poker players never make it that far as winning players.


Now the question for myself is what motivates me to maintain a high skill level of poker and keep grinding consistently enough to stay in the poker zone and sharp when I also want to spend my time doing many other things. The obvious answer is money. I do enjoy making money of course but the desire/obsession for money isn’t what it once was when I was in my mid 20s. I don’t really need much money to be happy and enjoy myself in the world, I almost think that I enjoy the fight to gain it much more than having it/fighting for more. I’ve also come to realize that if I wanted to make money, my time would be better off spent doing that in another area of entrepreneurship. I do love playing the great game of Pot Limit Omaha and there might not be something I enjoy talking about more than specific PLO situations with someone who is knowledgeable about the game. I think I sound/feel the most passionate when I am discussing it. You could say that why don’t I play mid stakes rather than high stakes and not have to worry as much about maintaining a high level of skill or staying in the poker zone as much because the competition is worse and the monetary incentive is lower. Typing this out right now that actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I think I am just getting into my mind and off the path of what I originally started when this paragraph began. I guess the question might come down to what motivates me in general?? I’ve written about that idea before to myself many times and I still really haven’t figured it out. Forever it was to get to the highest stakes possible and become “rich” in money. I reached that point and it was probably just the wrong point in time in my life to reach that point and handle it. I would probably handle it much differently than I did in the past now and look at the idea of being “rich” in money in a different way. Thinking about how much of a firstworldproblem this is   ,/xxx. is really making me think.

I used to be worried that I might lose my work ethic that I once had but I’ve since realized that the work ethic is still there at an extreme level when I am very passionate/love what I am doing. For the past year or two I’ve been putting most of that work ethic into playing basketball. I’m happy that I still have it me to back up the truck and work hard at something. I’ve noticed that I go through extreme bits of motivation playing poker at various times. For example, about a month ago I went through a one week period where I played 10-14hrs/day and made near 6 figures and then I woke up one day and the motivation to play was gone. Instead I went to the basketball court and played for 5 hours, came home, debated writing something, probably got into some heated debate/disagreement with my girlfriend and then repeated that process in some way for the next few weeks. I want to try to find a way to sustain that work ethic into something writing/creative content related but I haven’t seemed to be able to do it thus far. The work ethic for that also seems to come and go and then I end up back at the gym playing basketball for 5 hours 🙂


I write this because it helps me but also I think it might help some other people who are dealing with the same type of issues in there own poker existence or life existence. Also when I write things like this, I get the most amazing comments and messages with really great wisdom/advice.




***I am learning this whole writing/formating/presentation thing as I go. Today I will throw in some B and I for the beginning of paragraphs 🙂 ***