(I’ve been up for about 20 hours at this point in the day/night and have been sitting here wondering what to write about to fulfill my one piece of content/day for 7 days and then I saw this video 🙂 )
Nanonoko posted Match 1 & 2 playing against the Jungleman this week. I haven’t seen any of Jungles previous matches but my god this is great stuff. 


Quick Thoughts

I love Jungles constant needles about people in the GPL being bad and afraid to play against him for actual money.


I also love how tilted Jungle gets at everything and anything that doesn’t go his way. I think he even gets tilted when something does go his way because he is playing HU for no money. We talked about this on a podcast we did together and I remember him saying that he might tilt in chat but it doesn’t effect  his actual gameplay. I’m imagining Jungle playing a 8 hour online session and acting like this for the duration of it. I’m not sure how much exactly I would pay to watch him play poker and only see his reactions during the session but I’m pretty sure it is more than a couple dollars.


I think Nano has come across really well on his matches so far, he stays balanced with a mix of strat/trolling.


I wonder if the powers that be at the GPL like it when Jungle talks about the GPL the way he does. They probably do because of how entertaining he is when he plays but also hope he might portray that he takes it a bit more serious.


Jungle is fucking hilarious 😀


Jungle says during Match 2 that he wishes people had to put up their own money in the GPL but if that was the case no one would be playing. I think that if was the case, the rosters would be much much different but plenty of people would for sure be playing.


Lmao the last hand of Match 2, I don’t even want to spoil it.  Watch only that if nothing else 🙂 🙂