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The Importance of Poker News type content

I’m not really sure what I am going to call this post…. (Shout out to the Starbucks here at the Rio for having good wifi so I can do things on my computer. I am far more productive in settings like this then I am in...

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GTO Poker Life Mailbag

I’m finally about ready to head to Las Vegas and the World Series of Poker tomorrow and play one of my favorite events, the 3000usd PLO 6 max event 🙂 I have a journey ahead of me to get to that point 🙂 About 45 days ago I...

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Discipline Ideology

(Day 7 of my 7 Day Challenge to write something and put out a video each day. I def got lazy with the video I uploaded tonight, although I put more editing into it than I did the videos where I just talk so maybe I didn’t....

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Send me your EMAILS** for Mailbags/Feedback/Nudes

(This is #6 of my 7 article/video challenge and I keep putting these off until the last minute of the day I can stay awake. I’ve been awake for about 24 hours at this point and if you look for some tells in the video, you...

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Olivier Busquet Podcast from tonight :)

If you missed the podcast tonight with Olivier then you need to watch it as soon as you can 🙂    Was some really great insight and wisdom shared and getting a chance to look into Oliviers thought process on so many things...

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